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Throwie Votive

3D model description

For my compatriots to the north that are in for a rough patch with the impending storm.

Light your darkest hour! [Or longer with a newer battery ;-) ]

If you don't have candles but you do have stuff for throwies here is a slightly better way to light the room.

I also thought it would be useful for lighting decorations and projects. It is the same size diameter as a standard tea-light/votive so it will fit in most places you would use one of those. I find the off-the-shelf electric tea-lights aren't bright enough to do anything but this is quite nice.

We've had a few of these lit for 3-4 hours a day for about a week now and they still seem pretty bright.

3D printing settings

This prints upside down. Insert the legs of an LED in the slot with the legs along the thin grooves. (LED in the picture is a 10mm LED.) From the other end insert a coincell bettery. We are using the standard CR2032 (aka "thowie-cell")

There is a recess on the bottom to make it easier to pull the coincell out with your fingers.

No power switch, in true throwie fashion, if you want it turned off pull it apart.

Remember the usual throwie rules of take care of spent batteries and it is probably best to not leave unattended.

  • 3D model format: STL





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