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Three 1:24 Windsor Chairs

3D model description

Three variations on the Windsor chair in 1:24 scale: low back, fan back and sack back. There are designed to be built without support. Delicate but surprisingly sturdy. Shown with a dime for scale.

There's a short time-lapse here:

3D printing settings

I'm running skeinforge 47 on a Replicator and needed to make the following adjustments to the stock profile:
*Under Dimension, set "Extra Restart Distance" to 0
*I print these in pairs, to give the print cooling time without waisting time. I prefer printing them in a line along the y axis instead of side by side to keep my second extruder from interfering.
*35mm/s works well for me, 40mm/s travel
*These are designed for printing at .25mm layer height. The bridges are carefully designed in and I can't guarantee this will print at other slicing heights.
*The file includes small discs under each chair leg. A raft is unnecessary.

  • 3D model format: STL



Love 3D printing and geography!



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