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Tampon Dispenser

3D model description

Inspired by my girlfriends wonderful treasure chest of tampons, I figured there could be a much more elegant and fun solution for storing them!

** For those who have printed my dispenser, I'd appreciate some feedback :) Thanks!

I've designed a "candy dispenser"-like magazine for a contest that dispenses one tampon at a time through turning a slotted roller.

The Tampon Dispenser holds up to about 16 tampons, the standard carton size in Europe. A long slot along the side allows to see how many are left in the magazine. It can be filled through the hole in the back which can be accessed by pulling the magazine towards you.

The bracket part can be stuck to most surfaces with 3M double sided foam tape.

3D printing settings

  • 100-200 micron layer height.
  • 2 wall layers minimum, preferably 3 for the bracket.
  • Support for the magazine is advised.

Part A - Bracket
Best orientation is with the wall side on the bed.

Part B - Roller
Best orientation is flat with the slot pointing up.

Part C - Magazine
Print on one side, preferably the one without the long slot.It can be mirrored to have the long slot on the other side.

  • 3D model format: STL





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Hi Easheene, thanks! It is not fitted for applicators, just the standard ones. And printing time all depends on your printer and print settings.

Hi! Thanks for this design, it's really great. I have a few questions-- is it fitted for tampons with applicators or without? How long approximately does it take to print this design? Thank you!