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motivation tables

3D model description

sometimes after an intense day of work, effort...

we don't feel like we're not living up to our ambitions of having all missed...

that it's better to stop everything, give up...

so in those moments

I need comfort need to be reminded that I am valuable so nothing better than little sentences to hang in places where you don't like to reconnect

The painting "trust yourself" measures 13 cm by 9 cm and 3 mm thick

printing time 1 h 49 min

The table "your only limit" measures 17.8 cm by 13.4 cm and 2.5 mm thick

The painting "it's you" measures 12 cm by 9 cm and 2.4 mm thick

printing time 4 h 47 min both together

The "believe..." table measures 11.6 cm by 11.1 cm and is 5 mm thick

printing time 1 h 44 min

The painting "believe....." measures 17.4 cm by 11.7 cm and 2.7 mm thick.

printing time 1 h 04 min


3D printing settings

80% print speed not too fast for better rendering

215 ° PLA printing temperature

60 ° plateau temperature

0.15 layer thickness

1.2 hull thickness

1.2 thickness above/below


  • 3D model format: STL



je modélise depuis janvier 2017, c'est devenu ma passion...
la créativité c'est l'art d'accomplir ces rêves
ma page facebook :
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