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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Quark's Mug

3D model description

Come to Quark's
Quark's is fun
Come to Quark's
Don't walk, run!

More info on the circuit here!

3D printing settings

You'll need a Radio Shack sound module and a mercury switch to complete this project.

Print out the following pieces:

Mug_Top.stl x 1
Mug_Bottom.stl x 1
Tray.stl x1
Pin.stl x 3

Use the pins to snap the mug top and bottom together.

Place the Radio Shack Sound Module in the tray, along with the 9V battery. Slide into the cavity between the mug top and bottom.

Cut the microphone off and solder on a 1/8" audio jack, and use that to pipe in the music. Once finished, go ahead and cut the button off the module so you don't accidentally overwrite it.

This mug most likely won't hold water, and even if it could, it would probably just drip down onto the electronics. Use it as a prop, and irritate the Worf in your life!

  • 3D model format: STL


Hi! My name is Andrew Sink, and I’m a maker who currently lives in Richmond, VA.



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