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Special folding hinges for case-rap (custom version)

3D model description

Edit: I'm slowly documenting new versions and updates of my custom printer here:

Screws, washers and nuts are all M4, except for the screws that fix the hinges to the wood, which are 3-3.5mm diameter 16-20mm long screws for wood.
Make sure dimension marked as "X" in one of the pictures doesn't exceed 200mm, in my case's case X=102mm.
This is for my ongoing version of jlguil's case-rap, where I want to test some experimental designs trying to reduce weight and cost.

You can choose two different hinge arms widths: 7mm or 12mm.

Licensed under The TAPR Open Hardware License

If you are a curious maker / "tinker" / hacker, have a look at my blog:

  • 3D model format: STL



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