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SNAIL for IKEA Bed Storage Box

3D model description

Several years ago, we got a bed storage box from IKEA. Somehow "it turns the space under your bed into a smart place for storing". Although it has a large lid on top, there is no locking to keep the lid in place. They named this product as DILLING at that time. Later, someone realized that there is a real need of something to keep the lid firmly. And then, they changed the design and added little locking notches on lid's opposite sides. Sure its name had also been changed after this addition. Nowadays it is called as GIMSE in IKEA product lists.

The SNAIL thing here is to be used on old DILLING. I used six of them to fix the lid firmly since I push lots of stuff into these boxes. It might be sufficient to use four even two of these Snails depending on the stuff inside. Installing these is also very easy. Just push its opening to the (box + lid) edge, and turn it upward. It rotates to the top of the edge and locks the lid.

I again used PETG to print them. But I guess PLA will also do the job.

Happy printing :)

  • 3D model format: STL



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