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Simple soap holder - Useful 3D prints: #1 Bathroom

3D model description

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Hi! Nice to see you there. I want to introduce you to my new series of Instructables, videos, thingiverse things and so on about 3D printing. But I want to show you different side of 3D printing. Right there we wouldn't print benchys (that's this small boat for testing 3D printers) Yoda's head and some more really popular models. Those things are cool, but are almost completly useless. If you ever considered buying a 3D printer you may thought what can you use it for. Here I want to show you how useful 3D printing is, and bring 3D printers one step closer to every home. And the last thing, I wouldn't use any model from internet, everything in useful 3D prints will be designed by me - well designed, tested, printed and optymized for fast and cheap printing. I will also give you best settings for each model so it will be easier to print it without any problems.


The best 3D printer that I have: and Coupon for it: DTech3D10
Bigger 3D printer that I have:
My Anet E10:
Super cheap 3D printer:
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Filament that I use:

I divide the series for few parts, the first one is bathroom, what I want to do next is kitchen, garden, winter, bike, action cameras and so on. If you have an idea about what I can design, or you have a topic that I may cover leave a comment or write in comments below.

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  • 3D model format: STL



I am maker, mainly I am making robots, electronics stuff, a lot of programming (mostly apps) and 3D printing of course. My projects won few international contests. I also like cycling and skiing. Who I want to be in the feature? Entrepreneur - I want to connect my making passion with business. I already started my entrepreneur carrer, I made an app called Socialize that will simplify adding new friends on social medias. You can check it out here:
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