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Shelf System for Faceted Bowl

3D model description

I keep using the Faceted Bowl by billbo1958 as a standart material sample test every time i get a new filament, and I needed a shelf system to store the bowls.

The Bowls and Shelves on the pictures are all printed at 70% scale, due to my printer not being able to print bigger.

No glue is required to use as illustrated, However it might be beneficial if one plans on using the shelves extensively.

Make sure you don't get any warping when printing these, or else it might ruin the connecting part of the system! So use higher bed temperatures!

No support is needed. Designed with 0.3mm clearance at 100%. No need for fancy setting when printing.

Print the Shelves upside down (legs pointing upwards)
Print the Sides flat (with the little SunShine logo pointing upwards (use the lay flat command when slicing))

Please post Makes, and feel free to comment/submit design improvements.
Thank you!

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  • 3D model format: STL



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