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Samsung Soundbar Holders (for Samsung TV)

3D model description

I designed and printed this TV top-holder for my Samsung Soundbar (HW-J250) to sit on my 2009 Samsung LCD TV (don't know the model).

Decided to try and make it from scratch in Sketchup, but failed miserably on the curves!

Found benzol's Thing titled "Digitize from Photo" and decided to give it a try (

It took a few hours of playing around with the settings and learning along the way, but on my 4th attempt managed to come up with this. Opened in SCAD and raised the thickness to 15mm.

The part is slightly oversized from the original curves, but it does hold the soundbar really well - the TV has a curved shape at the back-top, so I needed something to sit on the curves as well as hang over the front.
By using a piece of soft wire, I traced the curves of the front up-and-over and back of the TV where the mount would be placed by pressing the soft wire into the shape - see attached pic for reference.

I then took a photo of the bent wire and edited the curve shape in Photoshop, building on it by adding the top and rear bracket sections as a 2D image.
After loading the JPG into benzol's link, plotting the points of the shape and setting the units/sizing, it worked great. As he mentioned, you do have to add some square brackets and comma's [ ] when importing the data set into SCAD - see his test .scad file for reference where these go on all the generated data lines.
I found it easier to paste in Excel and add columns either side of the data to reproduce the brackets and comma's quickly...

I finally added some soft rubber anti-slip pieces to the top and bottom areas of each part that touches the TV and placed the soundbar - it sits very solidly!

A section of the STL file is not very pretty in the preview, but it prints fine on Simplify3D.

Very happy with the result.

  • 3D model format: STL





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