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RTIC or YETI Two Piece Handle

3D model description

I wanted a custom printed handle for my RTIC cup, but couldn't print some of the others available because of bed size. This one is made in two pieces so my MP mini could handle it. A single 1/4" bolt of at least 1" in length is needed along with a nut. A small protrusion from the hoop fits in a keyway in the handle to prevent the handle from spinning.

I printed both at around 60% infill for heft and strength. I printed the handle sticking straight up. The quality was good, but the strength might be better if printed horizontally with supports.

The print fits my RTIC nicely after a little bit of inside sanding. I tried it on a friend's YETI mug, and it didn't go up as high. You may need to scale a few percent to get it to sit at your desired height.

  • 3D model format: STL




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