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Replacement Fan Knob

3D model description

Replacement knob for variable speed fan, for D shaped attachment. Includes ridges on the outside for easier grip.

I hate throwing away a perfectly good thing just because one small part breaks. This is a perfect example. The fan worked fine, in fact the knob broke off in the "high" position, so plugging and unplugging the fan worked, even if a hassle and slightly dangerous.

This is where 3D printing shines. We are no longer at the mercy of large companies and parts resellers that discontinue or obsolete parts all the time. We can print our own parts and fix our own things.

3D printing settings

1) Measure your busted knob and/or the fan
2) Enter the parameters in the attached .scad file
3) Render and Print
4) Install on Fan
5) Use a sharpie to labels the speeds and settings.
6) Cool off

  • 3D model format: STL





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