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RaspberryPi Mediacenter case

3D model description

This is a RaspberryPi Mediacenter case for the Rpi 3. There is space for 2 HDDs, 1 BlueRay or DVD player, the Powermangament, 2 USB-Ports, 1 HDMI, 1 PC fan and some extensions. Here are the full part list you need, to can complete, all parts fit perfekt together. You must trill the holes by your own.
1x (optional)
1x (if you don´t have)
1x (for LAN)
1x (for hdmi)
1x (for external usb)
2x (that´s for the HDDs. Please use only the PCB of this case. you don´t need the case)
1x or (the first one is blueray, the secondone is dvd, you can choose, what you want. You need only the things, that is inside of the case)
2x (this is the 12v to 5v converter. use this twice. it gives you 3A each one)
1x (that is an usb hub with external power. you will need it. It is small and will fit perfectly inside of this case.)
1x (a fan)
1x (much more screws)

3D printing settings

The Case size is about 300mmx200mmx46mm
I don´t know, how long it needs to print. I didn´t print it yet. Maybe you can tell me it, after you printed it.

  • 3D model format: STL



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