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Plant pot with reservoir

3D model description

A plant pot?

Yes, but with a reserve of water. If you look closely:

On one side you have a water tank or you add at the bottom an absorbent tissue that goes through the hole to join the tour of the plant on the other side. The reserve of water humidifies the tower of the plant by capillarity.

Ideal for a small plant in hydroponics or a flower. Like aromatic herbs in the kitchen.

I hesitated for a long time to add a lid with a guard integrated on the tank. But I'm afraid that with a large basil plant we can not open it to fill the water. I'll add it to you in the week and you'll use it well or not.

3D printing settings

For size, I drew it really big. It's cleaner if you reduce it. I advise you a factor of 0.35 minimum. I made it in 0.27 to grow basil. (I apologize for the photo, I did not put basil, it takes 2 weeks to grow, I would add the photos with my good basilic later)

Quality side, made in medium or fine. In draft, I'm afraid that basically you have leaks in the tank.

  • 3D model format: STL





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