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Portable Ambient Light LED Powerbank

3D model description

This thing requires some practice in soldering and at least some basic knowledge about electricity.
Unfortunately, I haven't made any photos of the construction.

Short summary:

Solder the four wires from led strip directly to the LED Controller.
The soldering point has to be on the bottom side of the LED Strip.
Make sure to lay the wires through the self printed case before.
Glue the LED Strip on the case.
You only need the interior of the Powerbank.
Solder the positive and negative wires from the RF Controller to the positiv and negative outputs of the "Powerbank Module".
I've soldered it directly behind the USB Port.
Connect the switch between the positiv wire from the "powerbank module" and the RF Remote Controller.
Make sure to lay the wires through the self printed cap before.
Press the switch into the cap.
Insert the battery and test it.
You can activate the LED with the switch and Change the Colors with the Remote Controller.
Glue the interior of the Powerbank to the bottom of your self printed case.
Put everything inside and screw the cap.
Materials & Equipment:

LED Strip
LED RF Remote Controller 5v
Single 18650 DIY Powerbank
18650 Li-Ion battery
22mm switch
Soldering iron
Heat shrink tube

  • 3D model format: STL





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