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Revolutionary shower head

3D model description


Hello, I present you my prototype for the contest;

I am a young entrepreneur working in forestry, I work in contact with nature and contribute to the proper functioning of its ecosystem. I also do a lot of paper (yes I manufacture and recycle) at the administrative level, like all entrepreneurs, you have to run, go fast, always better by going always faster! That's why the time is already getting in the bathroom before a meeting.

I am a very maniacal person and I always attach a lot of importance to nature,

I hate having jars of shampoo hanging in the bathroom so I've fixed this problem

So I present you my showerhead;

This showerhead is composed of a shampoo tank that filled it with a refill of 250ml (cheaper and more ecological), it allows not to have expensive polluting plastic pot that hangs on the edge of the bathtub.

The showerhead is equipped with a basic shampoo dispensing system at the touch of a button. The spring returns the zipper in its place which allows a single dose is poured and mixed with water not to waste shampoo.

We save time because there is no need to cut the water, hang the apple, take the shampoo and rub the head, then resume etc ... We hold the apple of a hand and rub the other, no need to stop.

To summarize: More ecological, more economical, more practical.

Before starting the assembly, you will need sealant paste for sealing, a screw, special bathroom glue, a piece of membrane to plug the hole of the zipper and a spring.

Screw your standard hose on

I printed it, and frankly, it's cool try


3D printing settings

Print in quick setting 0.2mm to 40mm / sec

Total printing time: 11h08min

Distance of thread used: 57m01cm

Mass of wire: 174 Grs

All without support

/! \ there are two pieces to return for printing

  • 3D model format: STL





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One comment

bravo, bonne idée.
Et gratuit, j'aime ce concepts. Si les sans dents s'entraident, les rois seront plus petits. Quand je vois les trucs minables vendu ici, ça fait plaisir de voir ta réalisation. Bravo