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Room WC

Download free 3D printer templates Room WC, LaWouattebeteDownload free 3D printer templates Room WC, LaWouattebete

3D model description

I do not think this piece will interest many people, because it is a very specific model (which I do not even know the reference), but I still share it to show once again the power of 3D printing.

In fact the part of my toilet activating the mechanism Eco broke several times, and by dint of repairing with the Cyano, I finally decided to remake one and print it, and after some adjustments, all works perfectly!

It remains to see the life, but at worst, I re-print it, it will always cost me less than buying a whole system.

I do not think that this part will be downloaded because it's very specific, but I'm still going to share the power of the 3D print.

Actually the button of the Economic Mechanism of the Gap, and the future of the world. After some settings, it works!

Just have to wait for the life time, but in case of break, I still could print a new one.

3D printing settings

Printed on a Dagoma Discovery 200

  • PLA filament

  • 0.2mm finish

  • 30% filling

Print on a Dagoma Discovery200

  • PLA

  • 0.2mm

  • 20% filling

  • 3D model format: ZIP



Simple Designer sans prétentions qui souhaite juste partager ses créations.



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