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Picture Frame Plant Pot

3D model description

It's the perfect little thing to put out on display, whether it be your desk at the office, a table in your living room, or a shelf in your bedroom!

This modern-looking pot for smaller indoor plants is both stylish and functional. The base shape is a hexagonal prism, and one of the side faces is designed to hold a photograph. The photo can be inserted by sliding it though the slit on the top edge of the pot.

Though I designed it thinking of using it to house a plant, you could really put anything in it, such as pencils, paper clips, or even your keys. Anything you want!

If you were wondering about the frame part, the space carved out for the photo is covered by a frame that is slightly smaller, so the photo will be held safely in place and will not move around.


A note to anyone that may download it:
The other flat sides are very easy to emboss with designs or text of your choice, should you choose to edit it a bit yourself :) An example would be embossing "I love you" on a side. If you did that and put in a picture of you and someone special, you could make a lovely gift for them!

3D printing settings

For it to fit a 4 x 6 inch photo, the x : y : z dimensions, respectively, should be 7.88083 : 9.1 : 6.5, all in inches.

It can be scaled however you'd like to fit smaller or larger photos!

  • 3D model format: STL



I'm new to the world of 3D models and things, but I'm learning! (PS, my profile image is a sketch of mine!)



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