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Official Grind Extraction Device

3D model description

Do you have an Espresso machine? Does the coffee honestly knock cleanly out? Does your Portafilter have 2 inserts that fall out when you knock it?

Personally, my coffee machines have never been good at drying the coffee out enough to knock out a puck, and when I try, my Gaggia Portafilter, designed to have a one or two cup insert, often comes apart.

So what have I done all these years?

I've used plastic spoons, backs of spoons, fork handles or whatever I can get my hands on to scrape the grinds out. At home we have made our way through many a plastic spork. At work every plastic spoon is stolen by cleaners, every metal one is taken by colleagues.

So now I have a solution, an OFFICIAL Grind Extraction Device, Or G.E.D. for short. You can tell its official because it says so on the handle, so no one will throw it away or take it to stir their tea.

'But its just a spoon!?' I hear you say - No it isn't, and here is why....

The Official GED has been designed to fit a 58mm Portafilter with precision. The tool end is designed to fit the curve exactly, leading to a 500%* increase in coffee removal efficiency. The gentle curved edges and thick handle give it a premium feel of quality and assist in applying the pressure needed to extract a well compacted puck. And also, It says 'Official G.E.D' on the handle - which proves its not a spoon.

The Official G.E.D is available in two versions. One with a horizontal tool end, and one who's tool end is at a slight angle. My preference is for the angled tool end as it gives a more rounded backside, but the horizontal version requires less supports.

Enjoy your coffee, impress your friends and loved ones, use an Official G.E.D

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