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OCTABLE (coffee table or bedside table)

3D model description

Take an octahedron, a table ... Shake well and you get an octable.
The octable is a low table (or bedside of choice) whose framework is a regular octahedron skeleton. ...
To build this frame you will need to:
1) Purchase 4 trunnions of beech 1 m long and 8 mm in diameter (available in all "Bricomachin" near you!) To obtain 12 sticks of 33cm of length (to envisage a Japanese saw or an ego, it is you who see).
2) Purchase a bag of 15 mm diameter PVC clips (available from the plumbing department of any self-respecting Bricobidule ...)
3) Print the six corners ("tops" of the octahedron).
4) Print the sleeves (3 or 6 per tray) sliding on the rods.
5) You can then fit the 12 sticks in the six corners to build the table frame (Do not forget to thread the sleeves first on the sticks intended to support the tray (s) ).
6) Make the upper plate to your taste (plywood / plexiglass etc ... circular or hexagonal for example) and possibly a lower plate. The clips will be screwed (or glued) onto the tray (s).
7) Clip the plate on the sleeves: your octable is finished!

3D printing settings

For PLA printing in standard quality and filling at 17%
Each corner requires 2h 30 of printing and each sleeve 0h 30 is about 16h 30 in total.
Each corner weighs 22gr for a cost of 0.75 €, and each sleeve weighs 3gr for a cost of 0.10 €. A beech truss costs 1.25 €
In total 0.75x6 + 3x0.10 = 4.80 € of PLA, plus 5 € of trunnions and a few more € uros for the clips and the tray and you are the owner of a magnificent table with unique design and exceptional prices ladies and gentlemen of 15 € only!

  • 3D model format: STL



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