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Newborn Baby Clothing Divders

Download free 3D printing templates Newborn Baby Clothing Divders, RunstoneDownload free 3D printing templates Newborn Baby Clothing Divders, Runstone

3D model description

Have a baby on the way? Then you're probably collecting a lot of cute little clothing in all kinds of sizes! By keeping them organized you know how many you have of each size. And you won't have to check the labels every time you will dress your newborn.

I created these so they fit our closet rods with a diameter of 25mm.

As you can see I made them in European baby clothing sizes only. I would be happy to also make them in US sizes if someone could tell me these sizes in a comment!

3D printing settings

I printed them in Magenta PLA (from at 300 micron.

I printed with 40% infill and they're flexible enough to clip around the rods without breaking. (I was afraid that 100% infill would make them too stiff, but I didn't try).

If your closet rods have a bigger diameter than 25mm, you can scale the files accordingly.

  • 3D model format: STL





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