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Modular Display Box for LEGO Minifigs (or other things)

3D model description

Are you tired of your minifigs lying around in a bin or getting lost on giant shelves?

Print this modular display box for your LEGO minifigs! Or you can scale up or down for other things. Dovetail design so they fit together well and create a nifty design. Build your display however you want it. One issue with dovetails is they only go together one way so I've included an extra stl file with a straight female slot to fill in the gaps (use these last, they don't fit as tightly).

Want to hang it from the wall? No problem, there are slots for a nail or screw hidden in the back (the picture of them hanging used just one nail for the whole thing. I'll post more pictures as I print them but I have to fight with my family for printer time). I've also included a file with a smooth back.

Update 5/27/19: I rounded some of the edges just a tiny bit. Still looks great, nicer on the fingers.

3D printing settings

Use supports touching the build plate only. This will support the bottom of the male slides so you can rip them off easily as well as as the nail holes, grab the supports with needle nosed pliers and pull right off.
I used PLA filament, 1.75mm.
Layer height 0.2mm, 10% infill
extruder temp 190 (or whatever works with your filament)
Feel free to play around with filaments and settings

  • 3D model format: STL





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