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Mobius Strip - Air Plant Holder

3D model description

Made as a birthday gift for our friend who loves air plants! Small smooth holes have been added to the surface to allow for things to be added.

3D printing settings

Printed using an Ultimaker with 0.1mm layers, 0.8mm thick walls at 15 percent infill. This required a lot of support - increased the angle to something like 60 percent to make sure, also used brim to make sure nothing came off the print bed.

This was printed using the ColorFabb wood filament. It was entirely printed at 230 degrees and 50 mm/s (not even slowing for the first layer). Also set flow to 105% to prevent jams. This resulted in extra strings, but after a half hour with an exacto knife the result was excellent.

  • 3D model format: STL





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