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Minimalist Wine Rack

3D model description

I created this wine rack after watching Joe Telling(3d Printing Nerd printing his wine rack, while looking cool, I thought it was a lot of plastic and wanted something a bit more minimalist and conservative on plastic, using it's structure for strength.
The only way to own one of these is if it is 3d printed.
I also wanted no clean up nor gluing and assembly.
The 3 bottle unit weighs 285 grams and about 20 hours to print.
The 6 bottle unit weighs in at 550 grams
The 8 bottle unit is approx 725 grams.
They don't require any assembly.
The continuous loops top and bottom gives it intrinsic strength, while the open artistic body provides appealing lines even when empty(heaven forbid).
It also is symmetrical so will look good from both sides sitting on a table.
Will hold up to a 90 mm bottle diameter(std wine rack size).
While this model only holds six bottles, I am working on a clip system that will enable almost endless combinations.
I also created it to fit on a 300x300 print bed however have created one in the that will fit on a 200x200 bed but will be more useful when the clip system is complete, but should look nice with 3 bottles on a coffee table.

Before I release the clip system, I want to be at home and test the process myself, in the meantime I believe this should be fun to start with.

Disclaimer: I have not printed this yet as I am overseas for a month and don't have access to my printer, but still enjoy the design work. It predicts about a 40 hour print time for the 6 bottle unit and 52 hours for the 8 bottle unit with 3 top and bottom layers and 2 perimeters and 20% fill in Simplify 3d.

I created this to print on my CR 10 primarily, however anyone with a 300 X 300 print be will be fine. The 3 bottle unit should print on most beds that have a 200mm bed.

  • 3D model format: STL





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