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Little Planter

3D model description

This is a small planter that fits snugly in any corner... just right for that small plant, that would seem a bit lost otherwise.

3D printing settings

Print without raft and support to get a real nice smooth flat bottom. They should be flexible enough to detach easily from your platform.

I made the design with a 0.7mm thick wall all the way round... on my makerbot 1 that results in a real nice watertight/strong/flexible cup. I printed with default settings in ABS, but I expect it should come out good for almost anyone in any material.

After printing you can drill/cut a tiny hole in the corner at the back to hang the pot, or if you want to leave it standing on a shelf... leave it as is.

Add some ceramic pellets at the bottom of the pot before adding soil to tackle drainage.

  • 3D model format: STL




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