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LED lamp base for halloween skull lamp

3D model description

After printing Shiuan's Halloween skull lamp I wanted to make a lamp base for it.

I had some LED's and resistors so made a base for them.

Hope you like it.

3D printing settings

I printed the base in glow in the dark PLA at 0.4 layer and 50% fill and it came out fine.

I used 33 5mm white LEDs that have a diode forward voltage of 3.2-3.8v a diode forward current of 20 to 30 mA and was using a 12v DC power source.

I used this site to work out the circuit

As you can see from the pictures Its tight to fit the wiring in but I wanted the base to be slim.

I used some hot glue over the connections after testing and than put some baize on the back with spray glue to make sure it would not short out.

Be sure you are confident about how to wire this before attempting it.

Give a nice amount of light out.

Print and enjoy.

  • 3D model format: STL





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