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LED bridge lamp

3D model description

Video -

New design with universal segment is here:

UPDATE 13.08.2016 - look for picture and zip file named "shades"

Intention of this lamp is to be able to control shadows while doing assembly and soldering works. Instead of simply gluing LED strip to aluminium bar, I decided to make something fancy and inspiring.
To me, the ArtDeco and imperial architecture (hello, Gotham City) are endless sources of excitement and admiration. I spent some time researching old Roman architecture on the Internet, to design the base for the bridge.
I will soon add some magic into it - IR proximity sensors inside each segment to switch it on and off by the hands gesture and three rotary encoder knobs to adjust RGB components of the led strip.

3D printing settings

Purusa i3 original kit





Slicer - Simplify3D.

Hand trouble printing each segment vertical, had to fiddle a lot with supports, and still, I have lot of defects. To me this is not a problem, as I will repair what's wrong, but this can't bet considered ready to mass production of any kind.

I don't know could I've completed this project without magical feature of how Simplify3D prints support structures. Even with to such fragile construction supports simply broke away without any damage.


LED strip, power supply and controller

"individually addressable 30/60/74/144led/m stripe waterproof IP65 IP67 5050 rgb DC5V WS2811 WS2812 WS2812b led strip 5m 1m 2m 4m"

I bought non waterproof versions, 74 led/m, 5 m (to be safe, as it seems like 2 m are left)

Switching power supply LED strip power supply adapter AC 100-240V to DC 12V 5V 24V 24W 36W 120W 200W 240W 360W 400W 500W 600W

5v power supply

DevilDesign ABS+
Runs 15€ per kg, had no issues with it.

Easy to glue with acetone

Additional files

Arduino code and schematic
Added Arduino code file controlling LED strip colors using rotary encoder.
Added Fritzing schematics of wire connections and export to PDF.

I found that LEDs are shining right into eyes, so I designed nice shades, blocking direct light from them.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP




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