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Customizable tower lamp

3D model description

Here is a customizable design lamp.

I created faces and a Voronoi hat for this version. One of them is a kind of lampshade to avoid direct light. You can use them as is, or... and we come to the interest of this lamp... you can let your imagination go and create your own faces!

From hexagonal designs, to your dog's name, to lithophanes displaying your favourite holiday photos! As soon as you have had enough of the style of your lamp, you just have to renew it by printing new faces! As you keep the structure, it takes little time and material to print its new style!

Editing notes:

The lamp is composed of 8 parts: the base, the body, the top, plus the 4 sides and the cap.

A central hole is made on the base to install a bulb socket. First install it and adjust the wire inside the base and through the positioning hole on its side.

Then screw the lamp body to the base with screws through the (small) eccentric holes.

Screw on the bulb.

Now you have most of the structure and light source, you can start positioning the 4 main faces on the body. Use the notches.

Then lock the faces with the top of the lamp. Here too, insert the notches. This locks the unit.

Complete the lamp by applying the square cap to the upper part.

Easy: D

I hope you enjoy it!

3D printing settings

0.2mm resolution

17% filling ok

  • 3D model format: STL



Je me suis lancé dans le design d'objets 3D en 2017, suite à l'acquisition d'une incroyable Dagoma DiscoEasy 200! Depuis, je passe mon temps à réaliser mes SLAM Objects =) Bon design à tous!



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