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3D model description

The first idea of L'égouttoIR DU JARDINIER EN HERBE is to allow you to grow your own herbs while drying your dishes. The drip tray is anti-gaspi in the measure that the water which runs out is revalorized to maintain moisture in your plant.

Smart and compact, it will find its place on the sinks of the most cramped accommodation (student friends no more excuses not to wash your dishes!).


3D printing settings

PLA printing.

T° : Extruder: 205°c Tray 0°c (unheated)

Accuracy: 0.2 mm

Filling: 20%.

Wall thickness: 2 mm

Provide supports for printing, especially for the plate support part.

Dimensions : (values rounded to the whole).

Printing times are given as an indication and are rounded (depending on part cleaning etc).

BAC : 195 X 120 X 40 mm - 8 h printing time

PLATE SUPPORT: 112 X 114 X 27 mm - 4 printing hours

COVERED SUPPORT: 32 X 114 X 74 mm - 3 printing hours

PLANT POT: 48 X 114 X 58 mm - 3 h printing time

  • 3D model format: STL



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One comment

thank you very much for sharing this great idea and design! :)

Something that grinds my gears though, what about the cleaning agents in the water?
Or the residues of them..
Doesn't this raise the pH of the soil?
What about the taste of the herbs?