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Knurled Lamps

3D model description

I'm obviously stuck on making vessels lately and throwing lights in them. It's the ceramicist in me resurfacing and joining hands with my, uh, inner interior designer?

I've also been testing Taulman 618 nylon filament. Google it and buy some if you haven't already. It's really fun stuff with properties that will greatly expand your printing capabilities.

Anyway, beyond it's mechanical properties, I've noticed that the nylon does really cool things with light. Both of the pieces pictured were printed one perimeter thick and they just glow when lit, pics don't do justice. The big one (V4) had some kind of issue that caused a big dent when it was about 80% done printing. Should be a smoother profile than that.

3D printing settings

Print with zero infill and as few perimeters as you can, no top solid fill. One perimeter will leave an occasional gap on overhangs so two shells might be the way to go if you want a tighter print.

  • 3D model format: STL





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