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3D model description



How to use ABC:

Step A) Pull out the cork

Step B) Filling the water

Step C) Put in the Freezer make frozen

What can do:

A) Speed up drink be cold.

Put drink into frozen KEEPCOOL and put them in Refrigerator can speed up drink to cold.

B) Maintain cold drink under Ambient temperature

Put cold drink into frozen KEEPCOOL can Maintain keep it cool.

C) Refrigerator Deodorizing

Put Lemon peel into KEEPCOOL and put them in Refrigerator can Deodorizing.

Available in three sizes to select -

Can accommodate canned drinks to red wine bottles

Hang holder can easy to hang on your belt or other

Build by any type of 3D print no Additional support need.

Has been printed "tall" by MakerBot Replicator 2 use PLA material, layer high 0.25mm 50%infill took 16 hrs.

It works very well.

When you going to print this, layer high 0.15~0.25mm should be fine raft is better to use and best to use over 50% infill.

Hope you will like it ;)

Enjoy ;)

  • 3D model format: STL





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