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Her Majesty with Hair

3D model description

Another version of Her Majesty with hair.

I didn't do good in grooming the hair, as I was concern to ruin it with too much hair dryer heat.

The reason why I have separate files for the horse and hair is basically to maintain the dimension accuracy of the hair which I modeled in Fusion 360. If I merge the horse and hair and make them solid in another software, that accuracy will be lost. I think it also served well in having different color for the hair.

Each hair strand diameter is mm 0.2. So, as my printer's nozzle size is mm 0.4, I thought I can print good hair strands with layer height = mm 0.2.

For some reason, in Simplify 3D I couldn't get good hair printing until I changed layer height to mm 0.16.

I also got much cleaner hair lines with retraction set to on. I guess that all depends on the material used.

NOTE: Simplify 3D did not slice the hair for printing until I changed the settings to Allow single extrusion walls (Advanced/Thin wall behavior/External thin wall).

Not sure what is the equivalent of that in other slicers, so just be aware of that if you can't see the hair when slicing the model for printing.

  • 3D model format: STL



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