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GPS data logger with SD card

3D model description

I wanted to have a GPS data logger that I can record data for my hiking trail then import it to Google map with KLM file format.

Required components
1. Micro SD Card Breakout Board

  1. Arduino Pro Micro

  2. GPS module
    ATGM336H GPS, small size with external antenna, see attached image. Other models would work but you might need to adjust the Arduino sketch.

  3. 128 x 32 OLED i2 c module
    Available from Alipress, the case is designed to fit the module I have, so adjust the design and fit your own OLED.

Hook up guide

GPS to Arduino Pro Micro:
GPS Module RX-> Pin 09
GPS Module TX-> Pin 08

OLED with i2C to Arduino Pro Micro:

SD Module to Arduino Pro Micro:

All the GND pin goes to GND
Power pin goes to VCC on the Arduino

**Still working in progress

  1. Case printed.

  2. All parts soldered and fitted into the box, tight fit, make sure you have short cable and cover the GPS module with heat shrink tube as it is not snugged anywhere in the box. The SDcard and Arduino snugged fit.

  3. Sketch verified working and GPS location printed correctly on OLED

Next step:
1. Tidy up code and post to sketch

  1. Further optimization of code, reduce update frequency if possible to save battery usage

  2. Extract more data from the GPS, as of now I am only extracting
    3.1 Latitude
    3.2 Longitude
    3.3 Time
    3.4 # of locked satellite

Ideally, we should also get altitude, ground speed and etc.

  • 3D file format: SKP and STL





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