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Gotham City Manhole Cover Coaster (Batman)

3D model description

Edit 6/6/17: I would like to thank Clayton aka Uncle Jessy for the kind words in his video.

I will be honest...I have watched all his videos. He is a very talented Youtuber and artist. You can support him on his Patreon site like I already do:

This is a Gotham City manhole cover drink coaster. I thought it would be a great addition to someone's man cave or batcave.

I made two versions a clean and a weathered version.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



I design props and costumes mostly. I am not an engineer nor a trained artist. I learned almost everything from watching Youtube videos and just messing around in designing software. I started designing with Fusion 360 in August 2016. I'm still pretty new at designing but I have learned a lot about Fusion 360 and designing. I want to share what I have learned so I started a Patreon page. Also I receive too many requests here to make stuff so I had to limit my requests to my patrons.

On my patreon page:

1) I will take requests on making models from my patrons. Since I get too many request here on thingiverse, I need to narrow down the requests. I mostly make Helmets, masks, and other cosplay items. Also since I am still new I can not make everything.

2) I just started adding tutorial videos available to my patrons. These will be about how I design in Fusion 360. Patrons can also request specific topics.

3) Ultimately I want to get a group of people who want to learn together and share their knowledge so we can make awesome things together .



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