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3D model description

Based on my twisted gear vase, this is an ornament for your hanging pleasure. A 30mm round LED tealight fits snugly in the base (after you cut off the bottom) or you can just glue a hook on or whatever and hang unlit.

3D printing settings

Print with zero infill and no bottom layers if you can get it to stick. I print with bottom layers on and just cut them off.

Make sure cooling is on or you won't end up with a pointy end. I sure didn't . Worked out though, they just have kind of a rough rounded tip.

If you print in nylon, dye them whatever color you want.

Insert a 30mm (approx) round LED tealight in base. With the 618 material, it's pliable enough to have the lights fit tightly but not hurt the print with the stress. I just push in far enough to leave the half of the light that you twist to turn it on. With ABS you might want to scale up a percent or two and glue the light in place.

Then drill a hole to attach a hook, or glue one on, or whatever you figure out works best for you.

  • 3D model format: STL





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