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Gatwick Frog - Cappuccino Stencil

3D model description

When I ordered cappuccino in Costa at Gatwick airport the lady asked me if I want frog on it. I said yes, not being sure if this is some new british euphemism that she may take personally if I decline. But my worries were eased when I just got a lovely cocoa powder frog stenciled on top of my (very) large cappuccino.
Since then I always wanted Gatwick Frog of my own. And here we are, years later I am sharing this with all of you so you can drink cappuccino the only correct way. This is my very own artistic recreation of the frog stencil from Gatwick, from a picture I took of my coffee that day.

Print in PLA.
This will be just 6 layers (total of 1.2mm thickness at 0.2mm per layer)
use 2 solid layers on top and bottom and then infill 10% fast honeycomb, and it just looks and works absolutely perfect.
This is a 13 cm diameter stencil so it works on wide cappuccino mugs.

How to Gatwick Frog stencil cappuccino.
Place the stencil just ABOVE the foam, and sift cocoa powder through it. Don't rest the stencil on the foam directly because the foam will stick and when you remove it, it will mess the image. I actually put foam just below the rim of my cup and then rest my stencil on top of my cup.
I call my days good or bad frog day depending how the stencil turns out to be. I am almost pretty sure it actually rains when the frog doesn't turn out nicely. Or the other way.

You are welcome to post pics of your stenciled Gatwick frog cappuccino.

3D printing settings

6 layers (1.2mm thickness at 0.2mm per layer)
2 solid layers on top
2 solid layers on bottom
infill 10% with fast honeycomb (looks great on stencil)
Because it is still somehow flexible with 6 layers, removing from bed is usually not a big problem. But make sure you do it gently.

  • 3D model format: STL



Printers: Creality CR-10

Design Programs: Fusion 360, Photoshop, MeshMixer



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