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Garment Door Hanger

3D model description

Use this Thing, and a door, to hang a garment bag, dry cleaning, a long dress, etc.

Printed in PETG, this hanger is quite strong. I had my full body weight on it, and I was more concerned that the door hinges would fail before this hanger failed!

The thickness of the part that wraps around the top of the door is 2mm, and this is thin enough to allow most interior doors to be fully closed without interfering with the door jam.

I have provided a version with the decorative star, and a version without the decorative star.

The decorative medallion comes in two versions: one that has a blank name plate, and one that has no name plate.

I printed one of these for each bridesmaid of a bridal party. I customized each with the name of a bridesmaid.

Use PETG for the main body, and use whatever filament is convenient for the other parts. PETG has the property of being strong and flexible.

I printed at 0.2mm layer height, 50% infill. Use supports to print the main body, and to print the medallion.

I printed the main body in Atomic Filament Clear. I printed the other parts in PLA, and used gold spray paint to finish the star and medallion.

Use super glue to attach the star.
Wad up a couple of layers of masking tape and place the wad inside the hole on the back side of the medallion.
Insert the mounting plug into the hole on the back of the medallion. If the rim of the plug will not clear the rim of the opening on the back of the medallion (allowing partial insertion), then reduce the size of the mini wad of tape.
Put super glue on the widest diameter of the plug, and while holding the rim of the medallion, press the plug into place in the opening on the main body. Press on the center of the face of the medallion to make sure that the plug fully inserted.
Wait for the glue on the plug / main body to cure.
Pull off the medallion and discard the mini wad of tape.
Use super glue to attach the medallion to the plug.

  • 3D model format: STL





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