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Garden Hose Nozzle

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0 Shells 100% Fill

This will work better if you spray it with acetone or dip it in acetone you should heat first so it doesn't get hazy do to moisture being trapped from the cooling acetone and humid air. You can dip ABS parts or spray ABS parts but they will typically Hayes if you use acetone this can be avoided by heating before and after The quickly evaporating acetone makes it cold which causes water to condense and creates a haze on your parts very undesirable heat or very dry atmosphere prevents this also you can buy clear ABS glue from a plastic supply store Weldon 2354
secondly you can chase the threads with a metal hose fitting and I even have one that I've cut notches and so it's like a metal pipe threading tap. MEK makes a much better solvent but you can't buy it in California anymore. 38 million people I guess you have to have Nannys. And obviously you'll need a rubber hose washer. I have ones I've been using for over three years left outdoors but the one I think is really cool is the fan spray nozzle on a different page

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