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Forelimb prosthetics

3D model description

Forelimb prosthetics for medium and small pets is a one piece, very light weight, comfortable, articulated and low cost aid for those pets that unfortunately had lost part of their front legs.

The design is super-simple and it works perfectly (watch video).

The piece must be printed in Nylon to achieve both resistance and flexibility.

A Sketchup skp source file is included if you like to adapt it to a particular pet. Also, you can customize size for the different parts of the prosthetics directly from the slicer program (see instructions).

3D printing settings

Nylon provides both resistance and flexibility. Print using 0.2mm slices and 40% infill. It prints without support.

To facilitate customization, three different stl files are included: The PAW replaces de missing part of the leg, the SHOE is where it is secured to the stump and the ARTICULATION wraps around the elbow and the forearm. Each of the pieces can be resized directly in the slicer program to fit the pet's measurements. After resizing, is important that the three pieces are aligned together perfectly so they can be printed as a single piece.

  • 3D model format: STL





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