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Flat and round Bee escape (two different designs)

Download free 3D model Flat and round Bee escape (two different designs), GeorgemacghayDownload free 3D model Flat and round Bee escape (two different designs), Georgemacghay

3D model description

Two different models for bee escape intended for a 92mm hole. As flat as possible so it should always fit in a divider board without a need for edging. I started this design because in my opinion the factory ones are too big. Also, another goal was to have an option to switch between one- and two-way traffic, but I'm still busy working that out.

One design uses the 'vortex' approach, the other a more straightforward 'funnel' approach. Both versions have been tested and work effectively. If someone cares to compare the efficiency of the two different models and can provide valid data, please feel free to provide feedback in the comment section.

I've included the scad file so it can be slightly customized, but it isn't designed to be completely customizable, so there is no guarantee at all the different parts and pathways keep their right dimension for correct functionality.

It is designed in two pieces that click together to make printing a breeze.

  • 3D model format: STL





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