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Drawer Brackets

3D model description

These are brackets to replace the broken plastic ones on a dresser drawer. The trapezoid piece goes on the front of the dresser channel. The dresser channel is screwed in directly at the back. The block type piece holds the channel on the back end of the drawer. The drawer channel is screwed directly into the front of the drawer. The combination of these two pieces keeps the drawer from tipping when it is pulled out.

3D printing settings

  1. Print one each.
    • I used 80% fill on the trapezoid piece for strength and 40% fill on the block since it is pretty strong on it's own. No need for fine Z resolution as no one is going to see these.
  2. File trapezoid piece if needed to fit snugly into channel.
  3. Secure front edge of channel to drawer with trapezoid piece.
  4. Secure channel to back end of drawer with block piece. Note the drawer channel overhangs the drawer bottom by 1 cm and is secured by the block. It is screwed to the front of the drawer.
  5. See if channels fit together. If not, file where needed. It should be pretty snug.
  • 3D model format: STL





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