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Multi-purpose jar dispenser

3D model description

I wanted a distributor for the kitchen that would allow me to serve as many things as possible. I also wanted him to use a glass jar and not require the use of an extra hand. And here it is.

It can be used to serve: coffee, loose tea, mint, cereals, dried legumes, sugar, chocolate powder, rice, etc.

The distributor is presented in 3 parts:

  • a flap to be printed in PLA for food contact;

    • the body with a screw pitch corresponding to the common jars ( Ø: 77 mm) to be printed in PLA for food contact;
    • a support with 2 holes to fix it to the wall (2 screws Ø: 5 mm)

You will also need a small rubber band. The size that works best is that of a 2 euro coin.

As the dispenser is removable, you can easily load it.

The jars that have been successfully tested are those of Bonne Maman, Andros, Doritos, Monoprix, Carrefour, Jardin Bio, Planète Bio, etc. You can test the screw pitch of your jars with the test file and then adjust the size proportion of the STLs then in your slicer.


If you like this design, please put "I like". You may also find these other models interesting for kitchen design:

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3D printing settings

Resolution: 0.2

Filling: 20%.

No supports or rafts.

  • 3D model format: STL





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Is there any way you could create the bottles for this? I have not been able to find anything that matches the threads.

Google Translate:

Y a-t-il un moyen de créer les bouteilles pour cela? Je n'ai pas pu trouver quoi que ce soit qui correspond aux discussions.

there was confusion, I think. My answer was for RADPL to encourage him to participate in the contest. I have no problem with the limitations of this model: it was thought to be versatile, not universal :)

BARBE_ITURIQUE, sorry I didn't meant to hurt you, but the idea is very common, you can Google candy dispenser or coffee dispenser, like on this site
Many of them have a sliding knob or push button to open, which might need two hands, one to hold cup and other to open (push button or slide), your design is made to use only one hand, but one cannot use soft plastic, foam or paper cups.
Sorry again, I was a "Quality test engineer" and so now my mind is more focused in finding faults/defects in design, than the good part of it.

Thx a lot, but your perpetual calendar was very cool. Look the maker Mickaël Perchat, who will be judge of this contest : he has very good designs, a lot of them are simples but efficients and fun. If you have an idea and think it will be useful, it will probably be what other people will think. And as it is very subjective, nothing is said that it will not be considered a better idea than this one :)

There is no point in entering when there is such good design. I cant think of anything better to have a chance to compete with your design :d

True simple and useful design, but there are problems, the design only suits bottles available in France, it could not be used for liquids or semi solid like jams, if a large grain is stuck in lid, it leads to leakage. Why no point in entering the contest ? wait for my final design to be printed, assembled and uploaded, I m sure u would love to have one in ur kitchen.

After seeing this I think there is no point in entering the contest. Simple and useful design, beautiful presentation. Congratulations :d

This is a standard in France.
I have successfully tested "Bonne maman" jam jar (except the tiniest), carrefour organic compote jar, carrefour organic ravioli jar, etc.

Great concept, I have downloaded & printed it, could you supply some bottles, as 77mm I believe is standard at your place, but not in Canada.

Merci, j'en suis très content, même si les frustrations durant la conception ont fait place à la frustration de ne pas pouvoir en imprimer pour chaque condiment, faute de place :p

Super idée, bravo !