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Customizable Square Furniture Riser

3D model description

This is a fairly simple furniture riser I designed for my Chesterfield.

The size is customize able with
- Top/Bottom size and height
- Radius for top/bottom
- Circular indentation, since my feet had built-in circular plastic "pads", set height to 0 if you don't need these
- Lip at the top edge, set height to 0 if not needed
- Radius at bottom edge z-axis, you might want more if you have a soft carpet or less if you have a hard floor

I printed PLA with 6x0.2mm top layers and 30% Triangular infill. Based on some tests I've seen online I'd estimate each one can support nearly 1,000kg (10,000kN) . I figure max actual weight is probably < 400kg spread between 4 legs, however we also need to account for the force of someone sitting heavily. So far so good.

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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