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Sponge crab holder.

3D model description

This crab is a decorative object for women, in fact it is perfect to dry your natural make-up remover or menstrual sponge and especially so that no one can take it from you:) .

Bathroom decoration object rather for woman, indeed this crab is perfect to dry your natural sponge cleanser or menstrual and especially so that nobody takes it from you:).

Turn the body of the crab at 115° or 120° so that it is as shown in the picture. 20% is pretty cool.

Turn the body at 115° or 120° same like photo.

Reduce objects with the same percentage. 20% depending on your sponge

Downscale object with same percent. 20% or bigger according to the size of your sponge.

Have a good print to all.

Good print everybody.


3D printing settings

Paramètres / parameters :

  • layer height / layer : 0.1 or 0.2

  • Speed / speed: 40 mm/s or/or 60 mm/s.

  • Support with 76° angle / Support avec 76° angle.

  • Filling / Infill: 20% or / or 40%.

  • width of the 1st layer 75% (for leg and clamp inserts) / first layer width 75% (for claws and legs insert)

  • 3D file format: STL



Je modélise sur Hexagon 3D plutot de l'architecture et aussi des objet d'art , et divers objets qui servent pour le quotidien . Voici notre facebook en attendant le site internet .



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