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Countertop Tea Chest

3D model description

Quick update:
I've added a couple of pics of the printed parts.
Everything printed and works fine except for the bottom :-( I had layer separation issues. (I've never printed anything this large with ABS, So I'll have to throw some blankets over the printer or buy some more PLA!

Designed for the Countertop Challenge

The Countertop Tea Chest provides a decorative and convenient place to store your favorite teas. The Tea Chest includes has an open area on one side for tea bags and two internal containers that can be used for loose tea and/or for sugar cubes. Or you can simply use the chest without the containers to store your favorite tea K-Cups or pods.

A pair of tongs store in the lid of the chest.

The lid hinge is oversize for durability and uses a piece of 1.75mm printer filament for the hinge pin.

The Tea Chest also features unique flip latch on the front. The flip latch lever is also held in place with a short length of 1.75mm printer filament.

I'll add photos of a printed version when it's complete.

3D printing settings

I'm printing my prototypes in ABS but PLA will work fine also.
The STL files are already oriented for optimum printing.
The parts do require breakaway support but I've tried to reduce it as much as possible.

Refer to the photos for assembly.


  • 3D model format: STL





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This is incredibly adorable and really well done.