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'CAUTION Cable Cover'

3D model description

All too often in homes, offices and workshops cables / cords are run across spaces where people walk. As most cords are white / grey / black they can often be hard to see at a glance on similar coloured flooring. You can tape them down... but that's messy and can leave sticky marks, or you can cover them with a mat if you have one available but often don't. If this sounds like something that happens in your place then printing a couple of these may be well worth doing in the interests of safety.

The 'Caution Cable Cover' measures approx. 150mm long / 60mm wide / 12.5mm tall. It features three slots that run underneath to accommodate most common size cords / cables. The design has been made to accept cables / cords up to approx.. 7.25mm which is a thick extension cord. Smaller cables can be sun through the slots but will not be held tightly in place like a thicker power extension cord. However, whether gripped by the cover or not the cables are routed safely and there is a visible 'CAUTION' warning on top of the cover.

For extra wide spaces you can use two 'Caution Cable Covers'. It takes a matter of seconds to install the cables in the slots so a quick and easy way to improve safety at home / in your office / in your workshop.

The design itself is tapered up over the cables which run through the three slots underneath. On top is the word 'CAUTION' which can be printed in an alternative colour by pausing the print near the end. With a 1mm Raft pause at 12mm or 95% progress for your colour change. .

This is an easy print but does take 3 - 4 hours depending on your machine. Filament use will be around 60gm depending on settings. Print a couple in the interest of safety!

Note: If you like this check out my other practical and fun designs.... and post pictures!

  • 3D model format: STL





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