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Can Handle

Download free 3D printing files Can Handle, BalkhnarbDownload free 3D printing files Can Handle, Balkhnarb

3D model description

Be the life of the party with the super extra double awesome can clip handle. The can clip handle will keep you from getting the dreaded cold hand while you party with your friends. But wait, that's not all! You can even customize the handle for your event or personalize it so you know which can is yours. No more accidentally grabbing your friend's can or the can with all the trash in it. So don't wait. Download a copy of this easy printing miracle device and print it!

Note: the can will still stand up just fine on on it's own when you set it down. It does wobble a little though.

Update 10/11/2013 Added in a option to make the text bold for printers which have trouble fine detail.

Update 10/17/2013 Rounded out the edges at the top and bottom to reduce concentrating the stress when bent. I'll print a new example once I try out a couple other changes.

Update 2/7/2014 I changed the can height default from 122mm to 125mm. Now that I've correctly calibrated my machine this height seems to work best.

Update 10/14/2014 I added the option to used raised text instead of inset.

3D printing settings

If you want some text on the handle, use the customizer. If you don't need text, just download the blank handle. Don't change the can height unless you need to. From my experimentation so far, this works on most 12 oz U.S. cans. You can use a low a fill when printing since there isn't really any strength required. I use 20%. I've only printed it in ABS, but I suspect PLA should work fine. Be sure to let it cool before trying it on your can or you could warp it. It is suppose to require a little tension to clip to the can. You will find it is easiest to clip the bottom before the top.

  • 3D model format: STL





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