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Cabinet hole grommet

3D model description

I needed to drill a hole through a kitchen cabinet for a dishwasher feed and wanted to tidy up the hole afterwards. This is for a 32mm hole but you should be able to scale it. It also has a small gap around the edge so it can be split apart (may need PETG or ABS for that) so that it can be retro-fitted.

  • 3D model format: STL



I am very much an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to designing. My designs tend to have two things in common

1) They serve a purpose. I like to design functional objects which have a real-world use. 3D printing for art is fine, but it's its real-world application which will take the technology forward
2) Wherever possible I design to be easy to print and try to eschew supports or complex printing; modifying the design where necessary and possible to achieve this.



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