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Box with Latching System *NEW*

3D model description

Rev 1.1:

Changed the design and profile of the clasps. Everything fits a bit more snug now and doesn't stick out from the container nearly as far. The clasps even release enough to make removing the lid possible with out snapping something. The vapor treatment that I did on the white box made the clasp a little too flexable but everything still seems to function fine. The lid just closes a little too easy.

The REV 1.0 files for the clasps will remain up in case that is the one you would prefer.

REV 1.0:

I am trying to make a reliable latch system that I can use on any application. I have included the cut-out template with the sketchup file. This is just the first revision. I will continue to tweak this for a while and may design several different variations. This box as it is will work nicely as a geocache container if you use a small bead of silicone to make it water tight.

Please take a picture if you make the box or latch. I would love to see how these print for others.

3D printing settings

  1. Print Box with large opening towards the top. (20% infill, 2 Perimeters)
  2. Print 2 Clasps and 2 Clips on their sides (20% infill, 2 Perimeters, brim may be helpful but not I did not use one)
  3. Use an hobby knife to clean holes in box (bottom and top)
  4. Remove excess print debris from clips and clasps making sure to retain shape of studs.
  5. Insert clips and clasps in box as shown in the photos.
    (These should be a tight fit. The cut-outs are universal and the clips/clasps can be orient which ever way makes the most sense for you.)
    *Use acetone treatment on the box to really secure the latches or use superglue.
  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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