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BOX-IT Parametric

3D model description

I have been studying on this parametric Fusion 360 File that I made to generate some boxes. Seven parameter control the look of the box.
The goal is to make a box with a snug lid that prints in place and the hinges have to be hidden when the box is close.

These are a sample of models created by it. Still a work in progress

Prints with No support or Skirt added, it is build in the model.

Prints best with PLA, 2 perimeter walls and 1-5% infill

PS: Many files can be printed one inside the other

For advance Fusion users!!! you can download the file and give a try. There some info how to use it but you better study the timeline first. A Good practice is to suppress features before changing any parameters.
Needs a special box! write a comment and I generate for ya!

  • 3D model format: F3D and STL





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